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«La Madre Tierra puede vivir sin la humanidad,
pero nosotros no podemos vivir sin ella»

Bolivian Platform on Climate Change declaration about the political crisis in Bolivia

Bolivian Platform on Climate Change declaration about the political crisis in Bolivia

Bolivia is going through one of the darkest episodes in its history. The complex political crisis that we are experiencing today is the result of extreme social polarization that has resulted in rising levels of hate and intolerance. As a consequence, Bolivia has been convulsed by violent civil clashes and an unjustifiable increase of state violence that already has resulted in the deaths of dozens of people, hundreds more wounded, and numerous violations of the human rights of the Bolivian people.

Despite the political agreements reached to date, we still have a long way to go. There is still the dangerous possibility that clashes could reignite that would close the roads to restore peace and democracy, and foreclosing any hope of addressing the underlying structural issues, along with the possibility of healing the Bolivian social fabric.

We demand that the transitional government provide an inclusive and transparent electoral process as soon as possible, which guarantees the political rights and inclusion of all sectors of Bolivian society. We affirm that this crisis can only be overcome through observing strict respect for Human Rights and compliance with the Political Constitution of the State.

We also demand the annulment of Supreme Decree 4078, which grants military personnel deployed to assist police immunity from prosecution for their actions. We demand greater efforts to seek and promote an inclusive dialogue, as well as transparent investigations to bring the intellectual and material authors of violence committed in this crisis to justice.

We reaffirm our commitment to the promotion and defense of Human Rights, in addition to continuing to denounce the abuses to them, especially the collective rights of indigenous populations and local communities, and to face the extractive policies and projects that only sow misery for the people and Destruction of Nature that benefits a few.

We reaffirm our commitment to continue building an alternative to the development model with social justice and in balance with Nature, together with the peoples and territorial organizations independently of political or economic powers.

Change the System not the Climate!.

The Bolivian platform on Climate Change is a network of grassroots indigenous and peasant organizations, activist groups, and non-governmental organizations working to oppose the imposition of extractivist policies, and the capture of the state by private and transnational interests. 



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